The Rise of CBD

The popularity of CBD seems to be on the up across the world and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2021 a report commissioned by the association of Cannabinoid industry found the UK’s CBD market to be valued at £690, up from £314 million since 2019. This year the United Kingdom stands as the second largest market of CBD products only behind the US.

Until the end of last year the CBD industry has been estimated to have generated £690 in revenue and is projected to hit £1 Billion by 2025. The CBD market started taking hold in 2016 after a popularity and perceived health benefit boom in The US. A surprising fact is that the UK spends more on CBD than Vitamin B and C combined.

Recently CBD is the buzzword amongst wellness seeking individuals and communities and amongst many health Gurus, but the question is why has CBD taken the market by storm? The reason lies in the fact that CBD has many therapeutic characteristics and it is a natural product derived from a plant without any chemicals or preservatives, unlike most of the pharmaceutical products prescribed by doctors. This natural remedy has been used by different cultures across millennia.

The biggest consumers of CBD products in the UK are millennials between the age of 18-34, 54% of CBD buyers are from this demographic. According to a 2019 Yougov poll CBD is consumed by more females than males in the United Kingdom.

With the growing boom of CBD in the UK which is projected across the next decade it is more important than ever the end consumers are protected and the market is tightly regulated. It is essential that users are informed about the uses, doses, benefits risks and side effects of CBD. According to studies Mislabeling and poor quality control is very common in the CBD industry.

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