CBD Effects On Skin

Cannbodial CBD and its health properties is on every bodies lips in the past few years and we can tell you that this is because of its amazing health benefits, many people have a misconception that CBD has the psycho active side effects like its sister compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) This cant be further than the truth. There is little chance your CBD lotion will get you high.

You can find CBD in all sorts of products nowadays, they come as gummies, capsules, lotions, soap, bath fizz  and oil. 

Here at Panacea online we want to tell our readers how CBD Products help skincare:

CBD helps acne prone skin

Many studies have shown that CBD has soothing benefits when applied on the skin, acne prone skin can feel uncomfortable and with CBD’s anti inflammatory properties help benefit rough skin.

CBD smooths wrinkles and signs of ageing

The antioxidents in CBD helps reduce signs of ageing, CBD counteracts free radical damage and reduces the look of inflammation. It also diminishes issues like wrinkles, skin dullness and red coloured skin.

CBD Helps sensitive skin

One of the main properties and benefits of CBD is that it soothes skin, its main skin calming and skin normalising effects helps minimise issues related to sensitivity and reactivity.
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